Detroit Shoreway/Cudell Form-Based Code

Form-Based Code

The City Planning Commission has identified parts of the Detroit Shoreway and Cudell neighborhoods to be the first form-based code areas in Cleveland.

This project area aligns with the strategy of providing for planning and zoning support near areas where public and private investment are working together. This will allow the City and residents to drive the vision for areas anticipated to see spinoff development activity in the near future and help to ensure equitable results.

What is a Form-Based Code?

A Form-Based Code is a new approach to zoning with an increased focus on walkability, predictability and mixed use development.

     (Read more about Form-Based Codes)

Why do we need your help?

We've identified the first pilot area of our form-based code project and we need your help gathering ideas that will drive the vision for these neighborhoods.

1st Pilot Area Boundary (Detroit Shoreway & Cudell)

Detroit Shoreway is located two miles west of downtown Cleveland, extending to W. 85th Street, on a bluff overlooking Lake Erie. Continuing west, Cudell includes the West Eighties and Nineties streets and the Edgewater Parke block club, south of the Edgewater neighborhood and Edgewater Parke.

Dates, Times & Location

Come help us develop a form-based code for the Detroit Shoreway & Cudell neighborhoods! All events are open to the public – the week includes a variety of ways to provide input, share ideas and get involved.

Hands-on Workshop
Monday, October 21st, 6pm

Join us for a hands-on workshop – an interactive, participatory session where we will discuss future land use and zoning changes and the development of the form-based code. After the presentation, break into small groups and draw your vision for the future, highlight problems and identifying opportunities. Ideas from each group will be reported back to all participants.

8301 Detroit Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44102

More Public Events

Public Bike Tour

Monday, October 21, 12PM

Bring your bike for a guided tour to learn about these neighborhoods, what issues they face today and ideas for the future. Read more HERE.

This event starts at:

Happy Dog

5801 Detroit Avenue

Open Design Studio

Tuesday, October 22 – Thursday, October 24, 9AM – 8PM (daily)

The design studio will be open to the public, so stop in and see what the consultant team is up to, share ideas and check out the process. This is an opportunity to provide input as ideas are evolving!

Lunch and Learns

Tuesday, October 22 & Wednesday, October 23, 12 – 1PM

Bring lunch and watch a presentation on a specific aspect of the project. On Tuesday, the discussion will focus on mobility and transportation and on Wednesday, the discussion will address form-based coding.

Mid-Week Open House

Wednesday, October 23, 6 – 8PM

Stop by the open house to see work so far, ask questions and offer ideas. The event is informal, so come by whenever you can that evening and comment on the progress!

These events will be held at:

6814 Detroit Avenue

Cleveland OH 44102

Work-In Progress Open House

Friday, October 25, 6 – 8PM, Presentation @6:30PM

Attend the work-in progress presentation to see a summary of the design week, view progress so far and learn about next steps. Before and after the presentation, check out drawings from the week that will be hung around the room. Team members will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

This event will be held at:

8301 Detroit Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44102

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