The Freedom Zone

A Collective, Interactive and Educational Zoning Experience

What it is:

“Freedom Zone” is a public art experience that will educate neighbors on zoning through various art mediums. The project will bring together 10 neighborhood-based artists to create the performance. Together, neighbors and artists will create a “zone” that celebrates resistance, educates on injustices related to zoning, and sparks safe and meaningful connections in a time of physical distancing. The project is about envisioning a more equitable future and using art to put those visions into immediate practice. A group of artists from the neighborhood will co-produce and lead this effort over 6 weeks (August 31 – October 9) and it will end in a public performance and shared video compilation.

The Mission:

The mission of “The Freedom Zone” is for Hough residents to enjoy a collective, interactive, educational experience that celebrates neighborhood culture and history, while inspiring participants to consider pathways forward into the future. The performance aims to educate residents on zoning, serving as a primer for later discussions that will take place in Hough regarding a Form Based Code. “The Freedom Zone” will bring residents together, providing a unique and deeply enriching connective experience during a time of physical restraint and distancing.

The Final Performance:

The performance will begin the moment each resident arrives. They will be given a mask and a prop (like a decorative parasol, to keep 6 feet distance). They will then move towards the main performance space, where chairs will be pre-set in two concentric circles, each spaced 6+ feet apart. There will be performers and educational tools to take in along the way, turning the sidewalk into a living, breathing, museum and stage. The audience will be invited to participate through movement, song, and an interactive procession at the end of the experience.  

Update: This event took place on Oct. 3, 2020.

For details and highlights, check out our post here.

The performance will be livestreamed on Nov. 19th. Check out our events page for Details.

The Film:

“The Freedom Zone” will be filmed. The final film will be a brief (10-20 min) educational tool that serves three functions. First, we hope to capture the overall artistic process. second, we hope to host subsequent film screenings and discussions (1 hour via Zoom) to share the performance with residents who are unable to atend the public showing. Third, we hope to educate as many people as possible about zoning and the implications zoning changes could have for Hough’s development going forward. Film distribution will be supported by Code Studio in partnership with the  

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