Get Involved

The LandCode will have a strong community engagement process that will involve a broad set of strategies to allow the greatest number of people to engage and interact with the process. The community engagement process will be inclusive, with extensive measures taken to engage groups who are typically under represented in the planning process. We strongly believe that successful regulation reflects the aspirations of all citizens, so don’t hesitate to get involved and share your thoughts.


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Go to Public Events

A variety of public events will be held at various times throughout the project. Go check one out, go ask questions, go see what is being presented, go meet your neighbors, meet CPC staff involved, and most of all, provide your perspective.

Comment on Draft Material

At various times during the project, key project documents will be posted on this website for review and comments. Download them, take a look and let us know what you think. Are we headed in the right direction, are we meeting you needs, do you understand what we are trying to achieve? It is important that we hear from you and get your feedback. 

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